Aren't Christmas Treats the best?!

Send 8 Christmas cupcakes to your loved ones in Cairo


Some Shapes of the Christmas Cupcakes

1- Christmas tree which is known to be  a classic tree, often a pine tree or a fir tree, enriched with lights and ornaments as a part of Christmas celebrations. Christmas trees can be fresh-cut, preserved, or fake

2- Christmas Ornament which represent good luck and some signify friendship and others show hospitality

3- Snowman which is associated to Christmas and winter 

4- Christmas gift, as this season is the season of love to the family, friends and special ones and people usually use gifts as appreciation to their beloved

5- Christmas star which symbolized splendid hope to all the humankind

6- Santa Claus who is known as the father of Christmas and recognized for his love for giving and kids all over the world wait for him on Christmas eve to take their presents


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