Out of Christmas Gift ideas?

This Christmas Mug filled with a selection of luxury chocolates is just what your friends need.


Is a mug a good gift?

Mug can be a simple nice gift but it should carry a meaning, you need to think if the person you are gifting is an addict of Tea, coffee or hot chocolate. 

Make it personal with a printed photo for a happy memory or a personal message on the mug to read every morning and remember you.


Can you paint on a coffee mug?

Definitely yes, painting mugs does not need a professional or special tools oppositely you can do it yourself  especially if you will gift it, painting mugs can be with Acrylic paint, paint pens or water colors. putting the mug in an oven after painting will assure paints won't leal off


*** Please Note that the shape of the product may change according to availability, though we do every effort to make it the same as much as possible


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