Ferrero Rocher Pyramid 28 pieces 


How to eat Ferrero Rocher Chocolate?

Ferrero Rocher is so tasty and to enjoy it more you can start eating the half without hazelnut and let the wafer melt in your mouth reaching to the other hazelnut half and enjoy munching on.


What is Ferrero Rocher made of ?

Ferrero Rocher chocolate is made of roasted Hazelnut covered with slim wafer shell stuffed with hazelnut chocolate and enclosed with milk chocolate and split hazelnuts.


Why is Ferrero Rocher a popular Chocolate?

The brand's emphasis on excellence, its attractive wrapping of golden wrapper and plentiful amounts of hazelnut has made Ferrero Rocher one of the most fancied and valued chocolate all over the world


Should you refrigerate Ferrero Rocher?

To preserve Ferrero Rocher chocolate, its advised to keep it in a room temperature as cool temperature may lead to change in the flavor.


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