Flowers 3D Mug

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Deliver this gift to someone special in Egypt!

This 3D polymer clay mug is the perfect gift for coffee lovers out there, pick this gift and we will deliver it to your loved one in Egypt on time.


Can you wash Polymer Clay Mug?

The answer is yes you can wash your mug easily using a soft sponge, soap and water. However it is not recommended to put in the dish washer as it can get very hot and ruin the clay


What is Clay?

Clay is a type of powdered untreated soil material that includes hydrous aluminum phyllosilicates (clay minerals) that expands softness when wet. ... Clays are elastic because of particle size in addition to water content, and become solid, stiff and non–plastic upon drying or firing


Which type of clay is used in making art?

Polymer clay is the best type of clay to be used in art as it's well-liked in simulation, since it permits fixed shapes to be deployed form after the other.