A 4 kgs Halawet el Molid Wood Box that contains 120 pieces of the amazing sweets

A great gift to make them feel this special day

 Please note that the shape of the box may change according to availability but we commit to the kilos

The Sweets contain

mini sesame \ mini hummus \ mini bean \ nawaem \ sesame slices \ bean slices \ hummus slices \ cashew nuts \ hazelnut slices \ pistachio slices \ almond slices \ crocan bean \ crocan pistachio \ crocan sesame \ crocan mix \ malban jelly strawberry \ malban jelly Orange / Malban Rush Pistachio / Jamal-Eye Malban Rope / Domea Hazelnut / Nougat Bean Catering / Nougat Bean Qamar El Din / Nougat Pistachio Nuga / Nougat Pistachio Qamar El Din / Nougat Cashew Catalog / Nougat Cashew Catalog / Nougat Almonds Hosted / Nougat Almonds Hosted By Qamar Al-Din/Min and Salwa / Mamlukia /Jose Pistachio Qamar al-Din/Hammam / Ladideh / Plain Malban/José Sada Qamar al-Din / Malika / Coconuts Burma Pistachio

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