Love Chocolate box

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Love Chocolate Box

Chocolate box contains

- 2 candles

- Mix of mini chocolates: Snickers, Bounty, Mars

- Three red Flowers in a Bouquet

You can make it more personal by adding a Frame sending us a picture on our email : or WhatsApp Number 

Height of the box: 12 cm

Width of the box: 15 cm


Why is Ferrero Rocher a popular Chocolate?

The brand's emphasis on excellence, its attractive wrapping of golden wrapper and plentiful amounts of hazelnut has made Ferrero Rocher one of the most fancied and valued chocolate all over the world


Why M&M is a popular chocolate?

Customers got involved with M&M for its taste and the colorful characters behind the product.


What is the origin of Kit Kat?

Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered biscuit bar sweet, Kit Kat was created by Rowntree's of York, United Kingdom, which was acquired by Nestlé in 1988.The original bars contain two or four pieces combined of three layers of wafer, divided and enclosed by an external layer of chocolate. Each finger can be broken from the bar separately. There are many tastes of Kit Kat, including milk, white, and dark chocolate.