Roses & Triple chocolate cake

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Triple Chocolate Cake and Roses Bouquet

When one is good, two is very good, and certainly three is the finest. Pampering of triple coatings of chocolates would give the chocoholics a flash to delight and treasure forever. The strong chocolaty flavor of the cake would be a flattering thing to be gifted to your special one. Don't miss the special occasions, Send this perfect gift combination to a friend 



1-This cake shape may change according to availability but will always stay chocolaty 

2-  the flowers shape or color may change according to the season and availability though we make our best to make it as close as possible


How to make flowers stay longer?

Change the water, wash the container, and cut the branches every few days. Do not put in a direct sunlight and avoid high temperature, Flowers will survive longer in a chiller area.


What Does a bouquet mean?

A bouquet is a composition of flowers. The term bouquet comes from the Old French expression meaning "bundle of trees." As it would be tough for a bride to draw a bunch of trees down the walkway at her wedding, happily the word now means "a small bunch of arranged flowers." 


What are some of the most popular flowers?

Some of the well-liked flowers are roses, calla lilies, tulips, orchids and sunflower.