White & Red Roses with Ferrero

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White and Red Roses with Ferrero

 Please note that the color of the box may vary according to availability 

Why is Ferrero Rocher a popular Chocolate?

The brand's emphasis on excellence, its attractive wrapping of golden wrapper and plentiful amounts of hazelnut has made Ferrero Rocher one of the most fancied and valued chocolate all over the world


What is the meaning of white roses?

White roses often stand for honor, goodness, and freshness. White roses are occasionally linked to as bridal roses because of their connotation with young love and everlasting devotion. White roses can too indicate a new start and eternal love.


Why do individuals like roses?

Roses are one of the highly admired flowers in the world, perhaps because of their attractive smell and color and sizes.


What do Red roses mean?

The demand for red roses is very high as they imply love and romance.


How to make flowers stay longer?

Change the water, wash the container, and cut the branches every few days. Do not put in a direct sunlight and avoid high temperature, Flowers will survive longer in a chiller area.